Sharks and Rays

Original Shark and Ray Paintings

Stick Figure Fish Illustration

$300.00 $350.00

Commission your own original shark, ray or chimaera painting. Request any living species! 

1. Choose the group to which your species belongs. Is it a Shark, a Ray or a Chimaera? (if you are unsure, please message me before payment).

2. Book in your illustration. The booking date refers to my next available time slot to start your painting. 

3. Let me know which species you would like illustrated (including the scientific name) in the text box. e.g. 'Temera hardwicki' or 'The masked stingaree (Trygonoptera personata)'

4. I will paint you your own original colour painting on A3 (297 x 420 mm) sized 300GSM cotton watercolour paper. The painting will take around 5-14 days to complete from the date of your booking, plus postage (orders over the Christmas period may take longer). 

For inspiration, see my work at The Chondrichthyan Tree of Life Project, my Instagram account, or my book Rays of The World.

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