Reef Manta Ray - Fine Bone China Mug

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Dive into your morning routine with the exquisite 'Reef Manta Ray - Fine Bone China Mug'. This stunning piece captures the graceful beauty of the Reef Manta Ray, a majestic inhabitant of our ocean's coral systems.

Crafted from premium Fine Bone China, this mug is both durable and elegant, perfect for daily use or as a standout piece in your coastal-themed decor. Sip your favorite beverage while admiring the detailed artistry that mirrors the Reef Manta Ray's serene ocean dance.

Ideal for marine enthusiasts and scuba divers alike, this mug brings the wonders of the underwater world to your tabletop. Add a touch of the ocean's splendor to your collection today and let the Reef Manta Ray enchant your every sip.

A daintier version of my mugs. Suitable for your (fancy) mum. Classy and beautiful, this elegant mug features a stylized handle to compliment its petite curves. Perfect for fancy occasions, or just to treat yourself, it has a creamy white finish and a more classic design.
Two sizes. 11 oz with a flared lip and stylized handle (pictured) and a smaller 8oz version with straight sides and a stylized handle. I love the smaller version for my morning espresso! 
Hand-washing is recommended.
Please note that these products are hand printed by myself and so there may be slight organic variations to the product image.