Elevate Your Space with Unique Marine Art

Welcome to Stick Figure Fish Illustration, the home of distinctive marine-themed art. I'm Lindsay Marshall, and I offer a curated collection of over 1500 shark and ray illustrations as well as a number of fish and marine creatures, perfect for enhancing coastal decor. Dive shops, resort gift shops, museum gift shops, and any ocean-themed establishments can find unique pieces to captivate their customers.

Ideal for Diverse Settings

My artwork is a perfect fit for spaces seeking a touch of the ocean's allure. Whether it's for coastal-themed home decor, adding character to a dive shop, enhancing a resort's ambiance, or offering unique items in museum and ocean-themed gift shops, my illustrations blend scientific accuracy with artistic charm.

Streamlined Wholesale Process

  1. Eligibility: Open to businesses and organizations in various sectors.

  2. Application: A straightforward online form to capture your business details.

  3. Review: Personalized review by me to ensure alignment with your needs.

Benefits for Wholesale Partners

  • Varied Collection: Access to a diverse range of marine life illustrations.
  • Attractive Pricing: Competitive wholesale pricing for bulk orders.
  • Personal Touch: Direct engagement from the artist for each order.

Art with Integrity

With a background in fisheries biology and a passion for natural history art, each illustration is crafted with meticulous detail, ensuring both beauty and authenticity.

Apply Now

Transform your space with the enchanting beauty of the ocean. Apply for a wholesale account with Stick Figure Fish Illustration today and bring a piece of the sea to your customers. Start your application by filling out the form below.