License Exceptional Fish, Shark, and Ray Illustrations

Are you searching for authentic, scientifically accurate fish, shark, or ray illustrations to add value to your project? Dive into my extensive illustration library, featuring a comprehensive collection of expertly crafted images. As a renowned fisheries biologist and natural history artist, my work accurately encapsulates the intricate beauty and diversity of aquatic life.

Explore My Illustration Library for Licensing Opportunities

  • Fish Illustration Library: Discover a world of vividly detailed fish illustrations, perfect for educational, scientific, or commercial use. Browse my Fine Art Print collection to see what is available. If you cant find what you need, I can create it for you. 
  • Shark and Ray Illustration Library: I have created over 1200 images of every living shark and ray species for the Chondrichthyan Tree of Life Project. This extensive range of shark and ray images, celebrated for their anatomical accuracy and artistic finesse.

Ready to License? Here's How: To initiate the licensing process, kindly fill out the form below. Your interest in my artwork contributes to the broader goal of wildlife conservation and appreciation.

Bonus Resource for Licensing Artwork For additional insights into licensing artwork, consider this enlightening free guide by the Association of Illustrators. It offers valuable information to ensure a smooth and informed licensing experience.