Bull Shark Mug

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This scientifically accurate illustration of a bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas, is the perfect mug for any marine life enthusiast. Created by artist Dr. Lindsay Marshall, whose passion for ichthyology is matched only by her talent with a paintbrush, this ceramic mug brings the Carcharhinus leucas to life in vivid detail. With its distinctive blunt snout and stocky frame, the bull shark cuts an imposing yet elegant figure as it glides through murky waters. Whether you're a shark aficionado with an entire underwater menagerie or you simply appreciate nature's most efficient predators, this mug is sure to become your new favorite. And unlike its namesake, this bull shark's bite is all bark and no bite. Fill it with your preferred pick-me-up and let your mind drift into the depths as you start your day with a jolt of adventure. Every sip is a chance for discovery as you notice some new detail in Marshall's masterful design. An homage to one of the ocean's most powerful creatures, this shark mug will make even the most mundane mornings feel as thrilling as a deep sea dive.

Dishwasher safe (because who likes to hand wash).
Perfect for coffee, tea and hot chocolate, this is a classic shape white, durable ceramic mug in the two most popular sizes. High quality sublimation printing makes it an appreciated gift to every true hot beverage lover.
White ceramic 11 oz. (0.33 l) and 15 oz. (0.44 l).
Please note that these products are hand printed by myself and so there may be slight organic variations to the product image.