Cenderwasih Epaulette Shark - Frosted Glass Stein

$35.95 AUD

Product Care
  • Hand Wash Only: Use warm water and mild soap. Avoid abrasive scrubbers. Temperature: Avoid sudden temperature changes to prevent cracking. Avoid Chemicals: Do not use harsh chemicals or bleach. By following these simple care instructions, you can keep your glass steins looking pristine for years to come.
Packaging and Finishing
  • Each glass stein is carefully wrapped in custom tissue paper, accompanied by a swing tag for a personalized touch. For added protection, the steins are enveloped in environmentally friendly hex wrap, ensuring they remain secure during transit. This eco-conscious packaging not only safeguards your stein but also reflects a commitment to sustainability, making each purchase a thoughtful and responsible choice.
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A frosty beer stein just got sharkier. This Stein features the delightful illustration of a Cenderwasih Epaulet Shark, Hemiscyllium galei, by natural history illustrator Dr. Lindsay Marshall. Let your inner marine biologist out while sipping your favorite brew with this shark-shaped stein that's sure to start conversations at your next barbecue. Perfect for the nature lover who likes their beer cold and their sharks adorably illustrated.