Tallfin Flyingfish Greeting Card

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Dive into the mesmerizing world beneath the waves with our exquisite 'Tallfin Flyingfish Card'. Perfect for ocean enthusiasts and fish aficionados, this greeting card captures the graceful flight of the elegant Tallfin Flyingfish, Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus.

Adorn your messages with the beauty of the sea, as this card features a scientifically accurate depiction of this astonishing species, renowned for its elongated fins that propel it through the air, evading predators in a breathtaking aerial dance.

Printed on high-quality cardstock, it's an ideal way to convey your warm wishes or thoughtful messages. Whether for a birthday, thank you note, or just because, the 'Tallfin Flyingfish Card' is sure to enchant any recipient with its unique marine charm.

Immerse your loved ones in the wonders of the ocean – gift the leap of nature with this one-of-a-kind card today!

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White (300gsm) folded stationary cards, blank on the inside. Brown envelope included.
Each card is printed on 100% recycled card stock and includes a brown 100% recycled envelope for mailing and a biodegradable 'cellophane' bag.
13" x 5.82"  (105mm x 148mm) A6 when folded
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