Striped Trumpeter Mug

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This cheeky mug is swimming with style. Featuring an illustration of the Striped Trumpeter, Latris lineata, fish by artist Dr. Lindsay Marshall, this ceramic mug is as clever as it is scientifically accurate. The striped trumpeter’s distinctive profile and coloring are captured in meticulous detail, from its protruding lower jaw to the yellow and black bands streaking its body. Whether you’re a marine life maven or just appreciate whimsical designs, this Tasmanian trumpeter will make each sip an undersea adventure. Crafted from durable ceramic with an easy-grip handle, this mug is ideal for your morning coffee or for stashing pens and supplies on your desk. However you use it, its charming style is sure to turn heads and spark conversation. For the playful spirit with an eye for detail, this fishy friend is the catch of the day.

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