Wahoo Greeting Card

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This eco-friendly greeting card makes waves with its vibrant illustration of an Acanthocybium solandri, better known as a Wahoo, rendered in exacting detail by noted marine life illustrator Dr. Lindsay Marshall. At once stylish and whimsical, playful yet refined, this card is a work of art in itself. Crafted from 100% recycled materials, it’s a feel-good find for the environmentally conscious. Whether you’re wishing a fellow angler tight lines, celebrating a maritime milestone or simply spreading cheer among friends with an affection for all things nautical, this card’s blend of visual intrigue and lighthearted charm is sure to delight. A memorable keepsake for the recipient, it’s also a subtle reminder of the wonders that lie beneath the surface of our oceans and waterways. After all, who knew a fish could be this fun? Dr. Marshall, that’s who. And now you do too.

White (300gsm) folded stationary cards, blank on the inside. Brown envelope included.
Each card is printed on 100% recycled card stock and includes a brown 100% recycled envelope for mailing and a biodegradable 'cellophane' bag.
13" x 5.82"  (105mm x 148mm) A6 when folded
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