White's Seahorse - Fine Bone China Mug

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Embrace the grace of the ocean depths with this exquisite Fine Bone China mug, meticulously adorned with the charming illustration of White's Seahorse, Hipocampus whitei. Renowned for its unique beauty and fascinating courtship dance, this seahorse species is a symbol of tranquility and delicate marine splendor. For the tea connoisseur and espresso aficionado alike, indulge in two tailored sizes: a 10oz with a flared lip for a serene tea ritual, or an 8oz, perfect for a robust espresso kick. Sip in style and let this majestic sea creature transport you beneath the waves with each comforting warm drink. Crafted for lovers of aquatic allure, this mug is not just a vessel but a testament to the love of marine life. Elevate your home or office with a piece that reflects your passion for the ocean's treasures. Ideal for those who appreciate coastal elegance or seek to bring a touch of undersea magic to their daily routine. Dive into the allure of the deep blue with every cup.
A daintier version of my mugs. Suitable for your (fancy) mum. Classy and beautiful, this elegant mug features a stylized handle to compliment its petite curves. Perfect for fancy occasions, or just to treat yourself, it has a creamy white finish and a more classic design.
Two sizes. 11 oz with a flared lip and stylized handle (pictured) and a smaller 8oz version with straight sides and a stylized handle. I love the smaller version for my morning espresso! 
Hand-washing is recommended.
Please note that these products are hand printed by myself and so there may be slight organic variations to the product image.